Looking for an Apartment


A: How did you find your apartment?
B: You can check on the bulletin boards at school for local housing.
A: What if I need a roommate?
B: There are websites that can hook you up with a roommate.
A: How much do apartments cost around here?
B: It depends on what you want. Do you want a one- or two-bedroom apartment?
A: I just need a one-bedroom apartment.
B: That will probably cost you around twelve hundred dollars a month.
A: Would you come with me to look at apartments?
B: I would be happy to look at apartments with you.


A: When you need an apartment, where do you look for one?
B: Our school has a link on its website for apartments.
A: Can I share an apartment with someone?
B: Some of the ads in the paper are from people looking for roommates.
A: Are apartments expensive in this city?
B: Do you need a single apartment, or is this for two people?
A: I want a two-bedroom apartment.
B: You can get that type of apartment for around fifteen hundred dollars a month.
A: Would you have time to go look at apartments with me?
B: I love apartment hunting. I'll be happy to go with you.


A: Can you tell me the best way to look for an apartment?
B: The local newspaper has ads for housing.
A: Is there any way to find a roommate to share an apartment with?
B: Sometimes you can post an advertisement saying that you need a roommate.
A: What do landlords charge for rent?
B: Would you like an apartment for just yourself, or do you need it for two people?
A: There are two of us, but we only need a one-bedroom apartment.
B: You should be able to easily find that for twelve hundred dollars a month.
A: I really would appreciate it if you could come look at apartments with me.
B: Sure, I'll go look at apartments with you anytime you want.


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