A: I heard that you're looking for an apartment.
B: Yes. Who told you that?
A: A friend of ours told me.
B: Why are you asking?
A: I was asking because I found an apartment.
B: Why are you telling me this?
A: I was wondering if you wanted to sublease with me.
B: I sure would!
A: Since we're subleasing, we can each pay half of the rent.
B: How much is the rent each month?
A: It's $1000 a month.
B: That's wonderful.


A: Are you still looking for an apartment?
B: Who said I was?
A: One of our friends let me know.
B: Why'd you want to know?
A: I found an apartment for lease.
B: So what?
A: I wanted to know if you would sublease the apartment with me.
B: That would be great!
A: That's great, because this way we can go halves on the rent.
B: What's rent?
A: It's $1,000 each month, but it'll only cost us $500 a month each.
B: I like the sound of that.


A: Is it true that you're looking for an apartment?
B: I am. How'd you know?
A: I heard it from one of our friends.
B: Well then, why do you ask if I'm looking for an apartment?
A: I was thinking about leasing this apartment.
B: What does this have to do with me?
A: Would you like to sublease the apartment with me?
B: I would love to!
A: This way, we'll each have to pay only half the rent.
B: How much is the rent?
A: For each of us, it's $500 every month.
B: Sounds good to me.


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