Finding an Apartment


A: I finally found an apartment that I want to rent.
B: Where did you see it?
A: I saw it in this ad for apartments in today's newspaper.
B: You found an apartment in the ads?
A: I really did, but what's so great about it is that it's really affordable.
B: Tell me about the apartment.
A: Well, most importantly the apartment is beautiful.
B: How much is the rent for the apartment?
A: The rent is $725 each month.
B: That's pretty cheap for out here.
A: That's what I said when I found out how much the rent was.
B: Congratulations on the new apartment.


A: I found an apartment to rent.
B: Where did you find this apartment?
A: I found it in today's apartment ads.
B: Really? I can't believe you actually found an apartment in the ads.
A: I actually found it in the ads, and it's not too expensive either.
B: I want to hear more about this apartment.
A: All you really need to know is that the apartment looks great.
B: How much will you have to pay for rent?
A: Every month I'd only have to pay $725.
B: For where we live, that is really inexpensive.
A: It is, isn't it?
B: I'm glad to hear that you finally found an apartment.


A: I think I may rent out this apartment that I found.
B: Oh, really? Where'd you find it?
A: I was looking through the ads today, and I found it in there.
B: In the ads? Are you serious?
A: Yeah, and it's affordable too.
B: I'd like to hear about this apartment.
A: First of all, it's absolutely gorgeous.
B: What is the rent each month?
A: It's only $725 a month.
B: That's amazing. The rent is very cheap.
A: I know it is.
B: It's a good thing that you read that ad today.


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