Asking about the Apartment Location


A: Hello, how are you doing today?
B: I'm great.
A: What can I do for you today?
B: I wanted to ask about the apartment for rent.
A: Ask away.
B: I was wondering if the apartment is located in a nice area.
A: As a matter of fact, the apartment is in a wonderful location.
B: What surrounds the apartment?
A: There are many stores and restaurants surrounding the apartment.
B: Is that right?
A: I promise you that you will love the location.
B: From what you're telling me, it sounds like I will.


A: How are you?
B: Good, thank you.
A: What can I help you with?
B: Can I ask you a few questions about the apartment?
A: Ask whatever you'd like.
B: I want to know if the location of the apartment is nice.
A: I honestly believe that you will love the location.
B: What kinds of places are around the apartment?
A: Surrounding the apartment are great places to eat and stores to shop at.
B: Oh, really?
A: I'm sure that the location will be to your liking.
B: I hope that you're right.


A: How is everything with you today?
B: I'm fine. Thank you for asking.
A: Can I help you with something?
B: I actually have a few questions about the apartment.
A: What questions do you have?
B: Is this apartment in a nice location?
A: It is in a great location.
B: Are there any stores near the apartment?
A: You will find many stores and restaurants near the apartment.
B: Really?
A: I guarantee that the apartment is in a beautiful location.
B: That sounds wonderful.


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