Asking about the Neighborhood


A: I wanted to ask you a few questions.
B: What about?
A: They are pertaining to the neighborhood that the apartment is in.
B: Sure. What would you like to know?
A: What can you tell me about the neighborhood?
B: In all honesty, the neighborhood could be a little nicer.
A: What do you mean by that?
B: The neighborhood streets are a little dirty.
A: Is there anything else wrong with the neighborhood?
B: That's just about it.
A: Hopefully the cleanliness problem will get better.
B: I hope so, too.


A: I have a few questions for you.
B: What are your questions about?
A: They're questions about the neighborhood.
B: What are your questions?
A: If you don't mind, would you tell me something about the neighborhood?
B: I think the neighborhood could be better.
A: What problems does the neighborhood have?
B: A lot of the streets are rather unclean.
A: What else is wrong with it?
B: Nothing else that I can think of.
A: Maybe in time they will clean up the streets.
B: Maybe they will.


A: May I ask you a couple of questions?
B: What are these questions pertaining to?
A: Just a few questions about the neighborhood.
B: Okay. Ask away.
A: Tell me about the neighborhood.
B: The neighborhood does have its problems.
A: How is that?
B: What I mean is that the streets aren't all that clean.
A: Are there any other problems?
B: Other than it not being so clean, it's actually a nice neighborhood.
A: I'm sure that the problem will eventually be fixed.
B: I hope that you're right.


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