Asking about Floor Plan


A: Hello, I'm calling about the apartment.
B: What would you like to know?
A: I just wanted to find out some details about the apartment.
B: Like what, exactly?
A: Could you tell me about the floor plan?
B: You can actually see the whole apartment for yourself.
A: I don't have the time to go see the apartment.
B: Actually, you can view this apartment online.
A: I did not know that I could do that.
B: I can give you the website to view that apartment on.
A: That is really convenient.
B: That's the reason we made the website.


A: I was wondering about the apartment.
B: I'd be happy to help.
A: Could you give me details about the apartment?
B: What is it that you would like to know?
A: Actually, it's the floor plan that I am inquiring about.
B: If you would like to, you can see it for yourself.
A: I am very busy and don't know when I can view the apartment.
B: If you would like, you can view it online.
A: I can do that?
B: If you would like the website, I can give it to you.
A: That would be more convenient than having to go all the way down there.
B: Convenience is the reason that we made the website.


A: Could you help me with a question that I have about the apartment?
B: What can I help you with?
A: I would like to know about the apartment.
B: What exactly did you want to know?
A: I was wondering about the floor plan.
B: You could always take a look at the floor plan.
A: I won't be able to come down to see it anytime soon.
B: Well, if you're too busy, then why don't you just look at it online?
A: That's actually possible?
B: Yes. I'll just give you the website so you can see for yourself.
A: I absolutely love how convenient that is.
B: That's the exact reason why we thought of it.


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