Policy Towards Pets


A: I was wondering if you allow pets in this building.
B: We do allow some pets, but you must pay an additional five hundred dollar security deposit.
A: What kind of pets do you allow?
B: You may keep either one cat or one dog.
A: Can cats and dogs be outside?
B: Cats can be outside, but we want them collared or tagged so we know who they belong to. Dogs must be on a leash and are not allowed in the flowerbeds.
A: Are there any special places nearby that I can walk my dog?
B: There is a dog park down the block.
A: Do many other tenants in this building have pets?
B: Not too many, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to share walks with.


A: What is your policy towards tenants keeping pets?
B: You may have a pet, but you have to pay an extra two hundred dollar cleaning deposit.
A: How many pets can we have?
B: You may have only one pet. You can have either a small dog or a cat.
A: What is the policy as to where the pets can be outside?
B: We ask that you keep your cats indoors or on your balcony. Dogs need to be walked to the street or park.
A: Where can I walk my dog?
B: There is a park down the street, but you must keep your dog on a leash.
A: How many other people have pets around here?
B: We have quite a few pet owners here, so if you need help finding a veterinarian, just ask around.


A: Are renters allowed to have pets?
B: We allow a small well-behaved pet, but you need to sign an agreement saying you'll pay for any damages.
A: Do you allow both cats and dogs?
B: We only allow a medium or small dog or a cat.
A: Are there any special areas where animals are allowed or not allowed?
B: Cats are to be kept indoors at all times. Dogs must be on a leash and with the owner when outdoors.
A: Are there places where I can take my dog for a run?
B: There are quite a few hiking trails nearby.
A: Are there a lot of pets in this building?
B: We don't have a lot of pet owners, but there are a few around if you have any questions about local pet supplies and dog parks.


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