Noisy Neighbors


A: Those neighbors of mine are so noisy!
B: Yes, I can hear them. What is that pounding sound?
A: I think that they are hammering nails to hang pictures.
B: How often do you hear them making noise?
A: They play their music really loud, and I can hear it.
B: Have you spoken to them about the noise problem?
A: No, I haven't spoken with them about it.
B: What else do you hear that bothers you?
A: I hear a lot of plumbing sounds, like the toilet flushing and the dishwasher running.
B: If this continues, I would speak to the manager.


A: I am really losing patience with my noisy neighbors!
B: They are noisy, all right. What do you think is making that sound?
A: I think they are hammering some new flooring down in their living room.
B: Do they usually make a lot of noise?
A: I can hear music through the walls all the time.
B: Do you ever tell your neighbors about the noise problem?
A: No, I don't know them very well.
B: Are there any other sounds that you can hear?
A: I hear them talking loudly a lot, and their television is really loud.
B: I would talk to the manager if the noise continues.


A: Those noisy neighbors of mine are driving me crazy!
B: Yes, they are very noisy. What do you think they are doing in there?
A: Someone said they are installing some countertops in their kitchen.
B: Is there usually a lot of noise coming from over there?
A: Whenever they play music, I can hear it coming through the walls.
B: Do your neighbors know that you can hear them?
A: I mentioned it to them once.
B: Are you ever disturbed by other sounds?
A: They have a lot of noisy parties that get out of hand.
B: I think that you should talk with the manager to see if he can help you.


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