A: I am having some plumbing problems and need them fixed.
B: What exactly is wrong with the plumbing?
A: The toilet flushes really slowly.
B: Are there any problems with the plumbing in the kitchen?
A: Both the kitchen and the bathroom plumbing are messed up.
B: How long have you had these problems?
A: It has been going on for a while, but just started to get worse this morning.
B: I will send someone out to take a look at the problem. Will you be home this afternoon?
A: Yes, I will be home this afternoon.
B: Fine. I will be there around 2:00. If someone is not there, I will use my key to get in.


A: I just moved into my apartment, and the plumbing is not working.
B: Can you describe the plumbing problems you are having?
A: The bathtub barely drains at all.
B: Okay, the bathroom plumbing needs looking at. What about the kitchen plumbing?
A: Neither the kitchen nor the bathroom plumbing is working well.
B: Has this problem been going on for a long time?
A: It just started happening last night.
B: I will be coming over to look at it this afternoon. Will you be there?
A: I will not be home.
B: I can always use my key to get in, but I would prefer that you be there.


A: The plumbing in my new apartment is not working.
B: I need you to tell me what the problem is.
A: The bathroom sink is stopped up.
B: Is the kitchen plumbing messed up also, or just the bathroom plumbing?
A: Just the bathroom plumbing seems to have a problem.
B: Did this just start happening, or has it been going on for a while?
A: Everything worked beautifully until a few hours ago.
B: Are you going to be home so I can come by and take a look at the problem?
A: I am not sure if I will be home later.
B: I will be coming by around 10 this morning. If you aren't there, I'll just use my key.


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