Asking the Landlord about Fixing a Problem


A: I'm having a problem.
B: What's the problem?
A: A pipe burst in my wall.
B: Is the pipe causing any water damage?
A: The water is causing mildew.
B: I can come fix the pipe sometime tomorrow.
A: Can I just call someone myself to fix it?
B: I don't think that would be a good idea.
A: You won't do it until tomorrow.
B: I guess you have a point.
A: So, I can call someone to fix it?
B: Go right ahead.


A: I have an issue.
B: What's going on?
A: There is a leaking pipe in my wall.
B: Is there any water damage?
A: There is mildew.
B: I'll go to your apartment tomorrow to fix the pipe.
A: Why can't I call someone to fix it today?
B: I'll just do it myself.
A: I need it done today.
B: You're right about that.
A: Are you okay with me calling a plumber?
B: That's fine.


A: There is a problem in my apartment.
B: What is it?
A: A pipe broke in my wall, and water is leaking.
B: Is the water causing any damage?
A: Yes, it's creating mildew on the walls.
B: I won't be able to fix the pipe until tomorrow.
A: I can call a plumber to fix it right now.
B: I'll do it for you.
A: You can't do it until tomorrow, and I need it fixed now.
B: That's true.
A: You're okay with me calling someone?
B: I'm all right with that.


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