Calling the Police about a Burglary


A: Thank you for coming, officer.
B: What seems to be the problem?
A: I was in school all day and came home to a burglarized apartment.
B: Was the door locked when you left?
A: The door was still locked when I came home, so maybe they came in through a window.
B: Do you live here alone?
A: I have a roommate, but she is still at school.
B: Have you seen anyone suspicious in the neighborhood?
A: No, nothing unusual.
B: Well, I am going to check the windows and look for fingerprints. I want you to figure out what is missing.


A: I appreciate you coming so quickly, officer.
B: Whoa, what a mess! What happened here?
A: Apparently while I was at school today, someone decided to help themselves to the contents of my apartment.
B: Was everything locked up when you left?
A: I think that they broke in through a window.
B: Do you have a roommate?
A: My boyfriend lives here with me, but he is out of town right now.
B: Have you noticed anyone unusual around lately?
A: Actually, my neighbor asked me if I knew who was parked across the street the other day.
B: Let's go through your rooms and try to figure out what has been taken.


A: Thank God you are here, officer.
B: I came as soon as I could. What a mess!
A: When I left for school today, everything was fine. Then I came home to find my apartment had been broken into.
B: Was the door locked when you came home?
A: I don't think they came in through the door; maybe they entered through the window.
B: Does anyone else live here?
A: I live here alone.
B: Have you noticed any strangers or parked cars around here recently?
A: I really haven't been home very much lately.
B: Let's figure out what is missing and see if there are any fingerprints left behind.


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