Making an Appointment with Your Professor


A: Professor, could I make an appointment with you?
B: I am free tomorrow afternoon between two and four; do you have a particular time in mind?
A: Two o'clock would be the best time.
B: Fine, do you know where my office is?
A: No, I'm not sure.
B: Remember, it is in the E building on the third floor.
A: I see.
B: Don't worry, it will work out fine once you get there. I'll see you then.
A: I'll see you then.
B: Looking forward to meeting with you!


A: Excuse me, Professor, is there a time when I could meet with you?
B: I could meet with you tomorrow anywhere from two until four; what time works out best?
A: I would like to come in at three o'clock.
B: I am glad that that works out; can you find my office?
A: Yes, I can.
B: Just follow the walkway to the outside and climb the stairs to the third floor.
A: I got it.
B: If you do get lost, just ask someone in the building to point the way.
A: Thank you, I'll be there.
B: If you need to cancel your appointment, please give me a call!


A: Professor, do you have a few moments when I could meet with you?
B: I schedule my appointments from two to four on Saturday; what works best for you?
A: Three would be a good time.
B: Great, do you need directions to my office?
A: I'm not sure.
B: Well, just make sure to go through the double doors, and I'll be on the right.
A: OK, I'll find it.
B: It's very easy to find.
A: See you then.
B: I will enjoy seeing you; have a good week!


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