Fighting a Parking Ticket


A: Hey, I got this parking ticket; can you help me figure a way out of it?
B: First of all, did you park somewhere too long or in the wrong spot?
A: I was there too long.
B: Was the area clearly labeled with the time limit and all?
A: Yeah, I saw it.
B: You will need to convince the judge that you couldn't see the signs.
A: Yeah, I understand.
B: Whatever you do, you need to be respectful and polite to the judge.
A: Yeah, you're right.
B: Just try to talk to him about how IF you made a mistake that it won't happen again.
A: OK, I will.
B: Good luck!


A: Man, I got another parking ticket. I am so unlucky--what can I do?
B: Was your car where it wasn't supposed to be, or did you stay there too long?
A: I was in an area where I wasn't supposed to park.
B: Could you tell where you were supposed to park and for how long?
A: I could tell what I was supposed to do.
B: That's too bad. That means that you can't use receipts or a witness to help you out.
A: I guess not.
B: Try brown-nosing the judge, but don't be too obvious about it.
A: Sure, if it will help.
B: Try and convince him that something was labeled wrong or something.
A: Sounds good!
B: Give it your best shot; it might work.


A: I don't know how to fight a parking ticket.
B: Did you get written up for exceeding the time limit or for parking where you weren't supposed to be?
A: Both.
B: Did you see all the signs and just decide to blow them off?
A: I was confused.
B: Maybe you could explain that you are new and got confused--could you do that?
A: If it might work, I'll go for it!
B: Let the judge see that you are only a poor starving student who won't do it again.
A: I can see how that might work.
B: Without actually saying that the parking ticket guy was an idiot, make it seem as though it was HIS mistake, not yours!
A: I could do that!
B: Try it. It just might save you the price of a parking ticket.


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