Being Robbed


A: Are you okay?
B: No.
A: What's wrong?
B: I got robbed!
A: By who?
B: Some guy on the street just mugged me.
A: Are you hurt?
B: No, he just stole all of my things.
A: That's crazy.
B: I need to go to the police station.
A: Do you want me to take you?
B: That would be great. Thank you.


A: Is everything all right?
B: Not at all.
A: What's the problem?
B: Someone just robbed me.
A: What do you mean?
B: This guy just robbed me right on the street.
A: He didn't hurt you, did he?
B: I'm okay. He just stole my things.
A: I'm so sorry.
B: I have to file a report at the police station.
A: Let me take you.
B: I would like that.


A: Are you all right?
B: No, I'm not.
A: What's going on?
B: I was just robbed!
A: Are you serious?
B: Someone just robbed me.
A: Did he hurt you?
B: He took all my things, but he didn't hurt me.
A: I can't believe that.
B: I need to make a statement at the police station.
A: I'll take you, if you'd like.
B: Thanks. You're very kind.


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