Asking for Credit for Service Interrupted


A: I am calling about my cable service.
B: What's the problem?
A: For the past week my cable hasn't been working.
B: I apologize, but the cable has been down lately.
A: Do you know when it is going to start working again?
B: Give it a couple days, and it should be back on.
A: Will I still have to pay for the cable while it's not working?
B: Since it's not working, I'm going to give you a credit.
A: So I don't have to pay anything?
B: You won't pay anything until your cable starts working again.
A: Okay, thank you very much for your help.
B: No problem. Thank you for being so understanding.


A: I have a question about my cable.
B: What do you need?
A: I haven't been able to watch my cable for the past week.
B: Right now the cable isn't working.
A: Could you tell me when it will be back on?
B: The cable should be running again in a couple of days.
A: In the meantime, do I still have to pay for the cable?
B: We'll just give you a credit for the inconvenience.
A: Does that mean I won't have to pay for it?
B: It'll be free until it comes back on.
A: Thanks, I appreciate your help.
B: Thank you for all your patience.


A: I have a problem with my cable.
B: What about it?
A: My cable has been out for the past week or so.
B: The cable is down right now. I am very sorry.
A: When will it be working again?
B: It should be back on in the next couple of days.
A: Do I still have to pay for the cable?
B: We're going to give you a credit while the cable is down.
A: So, I don't have to pay for it?
B: No, not until your cable comes back on.
A: Thanks for everything.
B: You're welcome, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


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