Complaining to the Hairdresser


A: You're spending a very long time on my hair.
B: I'm almost done.
A: I needed you to be finished an hour ago.
B: I'm all done now.
A: Are you sure you're finished?
B: I don't understand.
A: You did a horrible job on my hair.
B: What's wrong with it?
A: I don't like anything about it.
B: I apologize.
A: That's fine, but I'm not paying for it.
B: Excuse me? Let's try to work this out, okay?


A: It's taking you forever to do my hair.
B: Give me a minute.
A: You should've been done already.
B: There you go.
A: I don't think that you're done.
B: What's wrong?
A: My hair looks hideous.
B: What's so bad about it?
A: It doesn't look good at all.
B: Sorry about that.
A: I really hope that you didn't expect me to pay you for this.
B: Well, let me talk to my manager, okay?


A: What's taking you so long?
B: Don't worry. I'm almost finished.
A: I need you to hurry up.
B: All right. I'm finished.
A: I think there's more you need to do.
B: What do you mean by that?
A: My hair looks awful.
B: What don't you like about it?
A: I just don't like my hair.
B: I'm sorry that you don't like it.
A: I won't be paying you for this.
B: I'm sure we can work something out.


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