Returning a Call to Child's Teacher at School


A: I'm returning your phone call.
B: I'm glad that you could get back to me so fast.
A: No problem, but what were you calling about?
B: I needed to talk to you about your son.
A: Is he messing up in school?
B: He was acting up in class one day last week.
A: What was he doing?
B: He wouldn't stop talking throughout the class.
A: I don't know what's gotten into him.
B: If you could, would you please talk to him?
A: I will get right on that, and I am very sorry.
B: I really appreciate your help.


A: Did you call me?
B: Thank you for returning my call.
A: What was your call about?
B: I wanted to have a talk with you about your son.
A: What did he do?
B: He was messing around last week in class.
A: Exactly what did he do?
B: Even though I asked him not to, he kept speaking out in class.
A: I don't know what his problem is.
B: I need you to talk to him, if you don't mind.
A: That won't happen again, I'm sorry.
B: Thank you. Hopefully I won't have to call about him again.


A: I believe that you called me?
B: Oh, hi. Thanks for getting back to me quickly.
A: Why did you call me?
B: I was calling about your son.
A: Did he do something wrong?
B: Your son was acting up in class.
A: What do you mean?
B: He was talking and causing a disturbance during class.
A: That's really not like him.
B: If you could just talk to him, I would greatly appreciate it.
A: I apologize, and I'll make sure he doesn't do that again.
B: Don't worry about it, but thank you very much.


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