Asking Someone to Run Errands


A: Can you go to the store for me?
B: Sure, I can go to the store for you. What do you need?
A: Just a couple things, here's a list.
B: Is there anything else that you want me to pick up?
A: No, I think that's all that I need.
B: Is there any other place you would like me to go to for you?
A: If you can, could you pick up my prescription for me?
B: Sure, no problem. Is your prescription ready?
A: I think so. It should be.
B: Okay, I'll pick it up for you.
A: Thank you so much.
B: You're welcome.


A: Can you pick up some things from the store for me?
B: Of course, what do you need?
A: I need a few things, I'll give you the list.
B: Is there something else you need that you can think of?
A: Everything I need is on the list.
B: Do you want me to make any other stops while I'm out?
A: Since you asked, would you pick up my medicine from the pharmacy?
B: Is it ready to be picked up?
A: I believe so.
B: No problem. I'll do that for you.
A: I really appreciate you doing this for me.
B: It's no problem at all.


A: I would appreciate it if you could go to the store for me.
B: No problem. What do you want me to get?
A: Here's a list with a few things that I need you to get.
B: Did you forget to put anything on the list?
A: I don't think I forgot anything.
B: Would you like me to go anywhere else for you?
A: If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you would pick up my prescription.
B: Has your prescription been filled yet?
A: Someone at the pharmacy called and told me it was ready.
B: Sure, I'll go get it for you.
A: Thank you.
B: Anything for you.


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