Riding the Bus


A: How much is the fare for this bus?
B: It costs $1.25 to ride the bus.
A: So, how long have you been driving buses?
B: I've been driving this bus for only a few months.
A: Do you enjoy being a bus driver?
B: Not really.
A: I would never dream of driving a bus.
B: I didn't either, but a paycheck's a paycheck.
A: It was nice talking to you.
B: Nice talking to you too.
A: Have a good day.
B: That'll be hard to do while driving the bus.


A: How much for the bus ride?
B: It's $1.25 for this bus.
A: How long have you been a bus driver?
B: I started driving the bus a few months ago.
A: Is it fun driving the bus?
B: Not at all.
A: I don't think I ever wanted to be a bus driver.
B: I never did either, but it pays the bills.
A: I enjoyed talking to you.
B: I liked talking to you too.


A: What does it cost to ride this bus?
B: The fare is $1.25.
A: Have you been driving buses a long time?
B: I haven't been driving for long—only for a few months.
A: Do you like to drive the bus?
B: Not in the least bit.
A: I would have never dreamed of ever becoming a bus driver.
B: I never dreamed of doing this either. The only thing I like about it is the money.
A: It was really fun chatting with you.
B: It was really nice talking to you too.
A: Have a good one.
B: I'll have a good day once this day is over.


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