Cleaning Up the Room


A: Did you clean your room today?
B: No, not yet.
A: When were you planning on doing that?
B: I'm going to clean it up later.
A: Didn't I ask you to clean it up earlier?
B: I'm going to clean it.
A: I want you to vacuum in your room, and don't forget to dust everything.
B: I know. I'll do it.
A: Make sure you clean it up before you do anything else.
B: I'm not going anywhere until later, so I'll clean it then.


A: Have you begun cleaning up that room of yours?
B: I haven't started yet, but I will.
A: What time are you going to clean it up?
B: I'm planning on cleaning it up a little later.
A: I told you to clean it up earlier.
B: I know. I am still going to clean it up.
A: Make sure you vacuum and dust your room.
B: I won't forget.
A: I don't want you to leave until you clean up.
B: My plans aren't until later, so I'll clean it before I go.


A: Have you started cleaning up your room yet?
B: I haven't gotten started on my room yet.
A: When exactly do you plan on cleaning it?
B: I have every intention of cleaning my room later.
A: I thought I asked you to clean your room earlier.
B: I already told you that I'm going to do it.
A: Remember to vacuum the floor and dust everything.
B: I'll remember to do that.
A: Make sure that you don't go anywhere until you clean your room.
B: I'll clean my room before I leave.


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