Caring for Puppies


A: Did you feed the puppies today?
B: Yes, I have.
A: That's good! Just make sure to bathe them later.
B: No problem. I can do that for you.
A: Thank you! You know they have to go to the vet on Saturday?
B: I know. What time do they go?
A: Their appointment is at eleven o'clock in the morning.
B: Okay, I won't forget.


A: Have you given the puppies food yet?
B: Of course. I fed them today.
A: Good job! Please give them a bath later on today.
B: Sure, I'll give them a bath.
A: Thanks. But don't forget that they have a vet appointment this Saturday.
B: I remember. What time do they need to be there?
A: They need to be there at eleven in the morning.
B: All right. I'll make sure and remember.


A: Have you given the puppies anything to eat today?
B: I fed them earlier today.
A: Great! Could you please bathe them later?
B: Okay, I'll do that later.
A: Thank you! Remember that they go to the vet this Saturday.
B: I know. What time is their appointment?
A: We need to have them there at 11:00 AM.
B: I got it. I will remember.


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