Washing Clothes


A: Have you washed any clothes yet?
B: No, I've only washed my whites.
A: When you wash your dark clothes, can you put some of mine in?
B: Sure. Is there any extra care that I should take with your clothes?
A: Just make sure you keep it on the gentle cycle.
B: How many clothes of yours do you want me to wash?
A: There isn't a lot, why, do you have a large load to wash?
B: It's really only a small load.
A: Do you mind washing my clothes?
B: Not at all. It's no problem.
A: Thank you so much.
B: It's no trouble at all.


A: Have you finished washing clothes?
B: I've finished my white clothes. I need to wash the rest.
A: When you do your darks, can you wash some of mine too?
B: I can do that. Is there a special way you want them washed?
A: They need to be washed on the gentle cycle.
B: Do you have a lot of clothes that need to be washed?
A: There aren't many clothes, is your load big?
B: My load isn't that big.
A: If it's a problem, you don't have to do it for me.
B: I can do this for you. Don't worry.
A: I greatly appreciate this.
B: Don't mention it.


A: Did you already wash your clothes today?
B: I've only washed my white clothes.
A: Could you wash some of my dark clothes with yours?
B: Is there any special care I should take with your clothes?
A: The only thing is that they have to be washed on the gentle cycle.
B: Are there a lot of clothes?
A: There aren't a lot of clothes, do you have a lot to wash?
B: It's a medium load.
A: You don't mind, do you?
B: No big deal. I'll do it for you.
A: Thanks a lot.
B: You're welcome.


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