Greeting by Receptionist


A: I am here for my job interview.
B: Fine, have a seat. May I get you some water or coffee?
A: Sure, thank you.
B: I'll get that for you right now.
A: Thank you. What a nice office this is!
B: Yes, could you come in now? I am going to take you back to meet your interviewer, Mr. Gotcha.


A: I have an appointment for an interview today.
B: Great, have a seat. Would you like some tea or coffee?
A: I'd love some.
B: The coffee area is right over there. Please help yourself.
A: Thank you. What a beautiful view from this office!
B: Yes. Oh, here comes Mr. Gotcha now. I'll show you to his office.


A: Good morning. I have an interview scheduled this morning.
B: The interviewer will be with you in a moment. Would you care for some water?
A: Yes, that would be great.
B: Just help yourself to whatever you would like from the table in the waiting area.
A: Thank you. This is a very lovely office building!
B: Yes. Why don't you come straight through the door and we'll walk down to Mr. Gotha's office together.


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