Accepting a Job Offer


A: Is this Mr. Wallace?
B: Yes, this is Mr. Wallace.
A: Mr. Wallace, this is the Xenon Company.
B: Oh, hello, how are you doing?
A: Mr. Wallace, we were very pleased with your interview and would like to offer you the position.
B: Wonderful! I am very happy to be able to join your organization.
A: We are interested in having you begin as soon as possible, perhaps in two weeks?
B: Yes, that would be perfect!
A: We will see you then.


A: Good morning, may I speak with Mr. Wallace, please?
B: You are speaking to him, may I help you?
A: Mr. Wallace, this is the Xenon Company calling to speak with you.
B: Yes, good to hear from you!
A: We are calling you today to offer you the job you interviewed for last week.
B: That's great! I am looking forward to working for you.
A: Would you be able to begin working for us in two weeks?
B: I could begin working then with no problem.
A: Welcome to our company; we will see you then.


A: This is Jason Brack calling, is Mr. Wallace in?
B: Yes, how may I help you?
A: I am calling you from the Xenon Company.
B: Yes, I was hoping to hear from you!
A: You had great interview and we are pleased to be able to offer you a position.
B: Excellent. I will consider it an honor to join your organization.
A: Would two weeks from now be a good start date for you?
B: That would be great. I could give notice to my current job and start with you on that date.
A: Glad that will work for both of us; I look forward to seeing you then.


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