Talking on the Phone


A: This is Ray. May I speak with Lee?
B: Yes, this is Lee speaking.
A: Lee. How are you today?
B: Oh, things are going great. What's up?
A: I was wondering if you could meet me tomorrow for lunch?
B: Sure! Where did you have in mind?
A: I was thinking of Joe's in the village.
B: I love that place. Sure, let's go there.
A: Fine then, I'll meet you around twelve.
B: I'll see you there. Look forward to it.


A: Good morning, this is Ray speaking. Is Lee in?
B: Hi, Ray. This is Lee.
A: Good morning, Lee. How is it going with you today?
B: Things are wonderful. What can I help you with?
A: Could we meet for lunch tomorrow to discuss the new project?
B: That would be great. What restaurant did you have in mind?
A: We could go to Lozano's downtown.
B: That would be perfect. It's a nice quiet place to meet.
A: I'll see you there around twelve then.
B: I am looking forward to meeting with you. See you then.


A: May I speak with Lee? This is Ray.
B: Lee here.
A: Lee, I thought that was you. How's it going?
B: I am doing well. How can I help you?
A: I would like to treat you to lunch tomorrow so I can get some suggestions from you.
B: Sounds like a plan. Where would you like to meet?
A: How about the new Chinese place next door?
B: Yes, that would work well for me.
A: I'll join you around twelve for lunch then.
B: It's a go then. See you there.


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