Offering Help


A: I was wondering if you need any help on your new project.
B: Sure! That would be great! Are you good at writing or would you rather do the computer work?
A: I would like to help with the computer work.
B: Great! We are going to be working in teams of three. Are you OK working with others?
A: Yes, I like working like that.
B: We will begin next Monday. Would you be available then?
A: Yes, I can be there.
B: Well, if you could send me your basic background information before next Monday, it would be useful.
A: I will send the information to you.
B: Well then, thanks for your help. Have a great day!


A: Would you like me to help you on your new project?
B: I would love the help! Would you prefer helping with the writing part or is programming more your thing?
A: I would enjoy helping with the writing portion.
B: Perfect! You'll be working alone on that portion. Do you like to work alone?
A: That is OK sometimes.
B: Our first meeting is next Monday. Could you meet with us at that time?
A: No, I can't be there.
B: Please send me your background information before the meeting so I can look at it.
A: I can send that information to you.
B: OK. I look forward to working with you. Enjoy your week!


A: Could I help you on your new project?
B: I have a need for help with writing and also a need for help with the computer work. Which would you prefer?
A: I want to help with both.
B: That would be wonderful. Sometimes we will be working together and sometimes independently. Would that be OK?
A: Most of the time that is what I prefer.
B: We start on Monday. Can you be there?
A: I am not sure yet.
B: I need your background information before the meeting.
A: I will do that.
B: I'll enjoy working with you. Have a great day!


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