Giving an Excuse for Being Late to Work  


A: Excuse me for being late to work.
B: Where have you been?
A: My car broke down.
B: That's too bad. Please try to fix it so that it doesn't happen again.
A: Yes, I'll work on it.
B: Thank you, have a seat. We are working on the new project
A: Great! Fill me in.
B: Let's take a look at the Campbell Project.
A: I don't understand the projected revenues.
B: Let's take another look at it for those of you who don't understand.


A: I am sorry I am so late to work.
B: What was the problem?
A: I lost track of time.
B: Things happen; make sure it doesn't become a habit.
A: It won't happen again.
B: All right, please take this message and call this client.
A: No problem.
B: Now does everyone understand the diagram on the board?
A: Yes, I understand the numbers.
B: I will explain it again; especially for those of you who arrived late.


A: I lost track of time, am I late?
B: Yes. What kept you from arriving on time?
A: My friend needed me to help him.
B: I realize that everyone has emergencies; just get here on time from now on.
A: My apologies.
B: I appreciate you saying that and would like you to join us in our meeting.
A: Sure, I'll sit right here.
B: Wonderful, does anyone have any questions about this project?
A: I am confused about the projected revenues.
B: I'm glad that some of you get it, but let's go over it once more.


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