Accepting Excuses for Not Meeting Commitments  


A: So tell me again, why couldn't you get the supplies I ordered?
B: Well I ordered them when you asked, but the supplier said they might need to back order them.
A: When do you think they will finally arrive?
B: I think maybe by Tuesday.
A: If they don't arrive by then, what are our options?
B: I could try another supplier down the street.
A: That would work for me.
B: OK, I will stay on it and let you know how it's going.
A: Thank you for taking care of the problem.
B: Thank you for your business. We appreciate you as a client.


A: You promised me the supplies would be in today and now you say they aren't here?
B: They said they had part of the order, but the rest won't be available until later.
A: I guess that's it then, when will you be able to get the rest?
B: I am not sure.
A: I am not convinced that will work for me, what now?
B: I could order them from another supplier as a back-up.
A: That is a good plan.
B: Good! I will call you later this afternoon and let you know when your supplies will arrive.
A: I appreciate you staying on it.
B: We appreciate your business and aim to please.


A: I really needed the supplies today and you are telling me you don't have them?
B: The supplier said that it will be a few more days until they can ship the order.
A: Fine, what day will the whole order be here?
B: If we are lucky, they may get here tomorrow.
A: Is there anywhere else we can get these supplies?
B: Let's order the missing items from someone else just to be sure.
A: I appreciate that suggestion.
B: I will track your order on the internet and e-mail you the moment it arrives.
A: I look forward to hearing from you.
B: Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the meantime.


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