Asking for a Description of a Person  


A: What does she look like?
B: Well, she was pretty tall, about 5 feet 10 inches and kind of scary looking!
A: What do you mean, scary?
B: Well, she had a crazy sounding laugh and wild hair. Do you know what I mean?
A: Yes, I know what you mean.
B: And her piercing eyes! She looked like an alien who just came down from outer space. Do you believe that people from outer space live amongst us?
A: No, that's impossible!
B: Unless they beam us up for a ride, we will never know for sure. Have you ever thought that you saw a flying saucer?
A: Are you crazy?
B: Hah, I guess we never know what can happen. Do you like Star Wars movies?
A: Yes, I have seen all of the Star Wars movies.
B: I loved Star Wars movies. My favorite character was Yoda. What about you?
A: I liked Darth Vader.
B: Yeah, that character was pretty cool. If you had to describe that character, what would you say about them?
A: They were very beautiful.
B: Yeah, I know what you mean!


A: Can you describe her for me?
B: She was large, hairy, and scary!
A: What are you talking about?
B: When she laughed, it sent chills up my spine. Have you ever met someone like that?
A: Yes, one time I met someone like that.
B: She had eyes like laser beams. Sometimes I wonder if aliens from UFOs live here with us. Do you think that's possible?
A: Sure, I think it could happen.
B: I guess it's impossible to say for sure unless you go for a ride in one. Do you think that would be an interesting experience?
A: No, I never want to be near a UFO!
B: Well, you will probably never see one. Have you seen any Star Wars movies?
A: No, I haven't seen any Star Wars movies.
B: Star Wars was the best. I really like Darth Vader. Do you have a favorite character?
A: I like Luke Skywalker.
B: Oh yeah, I forgot about that character! What words do you think would best describe that character?
A: He looked like a black vacuum cleaner.
B: I totally agree!


A: How does she look?
B: I am not sure how tall she was but she was very scary!
A: Is this a joke?
B: Oh my god, you should have seen her! She looked like she had just crawled out from underneath something. Do you get what I am saying?
A: No, I have no idea what you are talking about.
B: Oh man, her eyes were the most incredible glowing green. She might be a Martian or something. Do you think that is possible?
A: Yes, I believe in UFOs.
B: I've never seen a UFO but I would like to. How about you?
A: Yes, I think that seeing a UFO would be fascinating.
B: Personally, I've never seen one. I think is would be fun to see the universe like in a Star Wars movie. Have you seen the Star Wars movies?
A: I saw some of them.
B: I loved the special effects and the story. I like Princess Leah. Who did you like the best?
A: I like Yoda.
B: Yes, that is a good choice. How would you describe that character if you had to tell someone what they looked like?
A: He was hot!
B: That's a really good description.


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