Agreement and Disagreement  


A: I was thinking of holding the company retreat in the mountains.
B: I agree, I think that that would be perfect!
A: I was thinking it could take place sometime in January.
B: That might be a little too cold for some people.
A: Yes, you are right.
B: What about April? April has good weather that isn't too cold or too hot.
A: Yes, that would work out better.
B: You know, maybe we could take a survey to see how that works for everyone.
A: Good idea! We'll have to get right on it.
B: Fine! Well, I'll get right on it now!


A: I think that the company retreat should be in the mountains this year.
B: What a great idea!
A: January would be a good month for a mountain retreat.
B: I like the mountain idea, but I am not so sure about the month of January.
A: You know, now that I think about it, you might be right.
B: April might be nice. It is far enough away to make the necessary arrangements.
A: That is a good suggestion.
B: We could ask everyone what would be the best time for them.
A: Yes, that would let us know what would work best.
B: I'll put the survey online this afternoon.


A: The Mountains would be a great place for the company retreat.
B: That's a wonderful choice.
A: I have chosen January as the month for this retreat.
B: January is a little too close to the Christmas holidays.
A: Yes, maybe another choice might be better.
B: I think that April would work. Spring is a lovely time to be in the mountains.
A: Thank you for thinking of that.
B: Maybe if we asked around we could see what people would prefer.
A: That is a good idea.
B: I'll take care of taking the survey and get back to you with the answers.


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