Making Promises  


A: I need help preparing for my presentation on Friday.
B: I could help you with that.
A: Are you sure you have the time?
B: I promise you that I have the time to do this. If I didn't, I wouldn't offer to help.
A: What would be the best time for you to help me?
B: Tomorrow night would work for me.
A: Should we just meet here?
B: OK, and I'll bring some information that helped me with my presentation.
A: I'll see you then.
B: See you tomorrow night.


A: Could you help me prepare for my presentation on Friday?
B: I would love to help you prepare for your presentation.
A: I hate to ask you to do something like that.
B: This will not interfere with my work. I promise you that.
A: When could we get together?
B: I could easily give you some time tomorrow night.
A: Would you like to meet at the coffee house next door?
B: Yes, and could you write down anything you might be having trouble with?
A: I'll come prepared.
B: Goodbye until then. I promise you that you'll do well after we meet.


A: I am a little nervous about my presentation on Friday.
B: If you would like me to, I could help you with that.
A: Wouldn't that take you away from your project?
B: I have plenty of time to do this. I promise you it won't be a problem for me.
A: Is there a good time for you to help me?
B: If we work on this tomorrow night, you could easily be ready for Friday.
A: How about meeting in my office?
B: That would work out well. Bring any concerns that you might have.
A: Sounds like you'll be able to help me a lot.
B: Don't worry. Everything will go well. I promise!


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