A: What do you feel like eating this morning?
B: I usually just have a bowl of cereal.
A: The most important meal of the day is breakfast.
B: Yeah, but I don't usually have time to eat a big breakfast.
A: You can always make an easy breakfast.
B: What do you make?
A: All I make is oatmeal, toast, and some orange juice.
B: That sounds pretty good.
A: I like it, and it's a fast meal.
B: That is a very quick meal to make.
A: I can make it for you if you like.
B: Oatmeal and toast sounds good to me.


A: What are you going to have for breakfast?
B: I just have some cereal each morning.
A: You're supposed to always have a hearty breakfast.
B: I don't always have time to make breakfast.
A: It's easy to make a quick breakfast.
B: What do you have for breakfast?
A: When I need to make a quick breakfast, I just make some oatmeal, toast, and OJ.
B: That's a good idea.
A: It's not time consuming at all.
B: It doesn't take much time to make?
A: Would you like me to make something?
B: Why don't you make me some oatmeal and toast?


A: What do you want to eat for breakfast?
B: All I usually have is some cereal for breakfast.
A: You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?
B: I sometimes run late in the morning, and can't make breakfast.
A: That's not a good excuse.
B: Tell me what you eat in the morning.
A: I just eat some oatmeal, toast, and orange juice.
B: That sounds like a great breakfast.
A: It's good, and it's easy to make.
B: That sounds like a very quick meal.
A: So, are you still going to have cereal?
B: I think I'm going to make myself some oatmeal and toast.


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