Foods Available at the Cafeteria (1)


A: I'm hungry.
B: So am I.
A: Where should we go eat today?
B: How about we go eat in the cafeteria?
A: I never bought food from the cafeteria.
B: You haven't? They have a lot of good stuff.
A: What do they have?
B: They sell everything.
A: I want Chinese food.
B: I've gotten chow mein from there before.
A: I guess we can eat there then.
B: Trust me, the food isn't half bad.


A: I am starving.
B: Let's go get something to eat.
A: Is there somewhere you wanted to go eat at?
B: We can always go to the cafeteria and eat.
A: I haven't eaten there before.
B: The food there is pretty good.
A: What kind of food do they serve?
B: You can get whatever you want at the cafeteria.
A: I have a taste for Chinese food.
B: They have really good chow mein.
A: Let's go to the cafeteria.
B: It'll be fine.


A: I am absolutely famished.
B: Yeah. I am too.
A: Where did you want to go for lunch?
B: I was thinking we should just go to the cafeteria.
A: I don't think I ever got food from the cafeteria.
B: I actually like the food there.
A: Does the cafeteria sell a lot of different food?
B: They have anything you want.
A: I was thinking about getting some Chinese food.
B: I bought some chow mein at the cafeteria. It tasted great.
A: We can eat at the cafeteria.
B: I think you'll really like the food there.


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