Comparing Foods from Different Stores


A: Have you ever shopped at Whole Foods market?
B: Nope. How's the food there?
A: It's very good, and it's fresh too.
B: I do my shopping at Vons.
A: I shopped there before too, but the food is better at Whole Foods.
B: What's wrong with Vons?
A: Their range of organic foods is very limited.
B: Whole Foods has a lot of organic foods?
A: Yes, the food there is very healthy.
B: I've never been, but I may start shopping there.
A: The food there is a great step up from Vons.
B: Thanks for letting me know.


A: Have you ever done your shopping at Whole Foods market?
B: I haven't shopped there. How is the food?
A: The food there is wonderful.
B: I go to Vons for my groceries.
A: I prefer the food at Whole Foods.
B: Is there something wrong with Vons?
A: Vons doesn't offer a lot of organic foods.
B: Do they offer organic foods at Whole Foods?
A: Yes, that's the place to go to get healthier food.
B: Maybe I'll try that store out.
A: If you like Vons, then I'm sure you'll love Whole Foods.
B: You're making me a believer.


A: Have you ever been shopping at Whole Foods?
B: No, I haven't. Is the food good there?
A: They have the freshest foods there.
B: I usually shop at Vons.
A: I used to shop there, but I find the food at Whole Foods to be a lot better.
B: What's the problem with Vons?
A: They don't have a lot of organic foods there.
B: Is there a big selection of organic foods at Whole Foods?
A: They have lots of healthier food at Whole Foods.
B: I haven't been shopping there, but maybe I'll try it sometime.
A: Whole Foods is way better than Vons, trust me.
B: I'll take your word for it.


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