Making Positive Comments on Food


A: What a wonderful dinner!
B: Thank you. I am glad that you are enjoying it.
A: Where did you get your fantastic recipes?
B: I grew up cooking. My mother shared her recipes with me.
A: I especially like the wonderful chicken dish.
B: That is a special coconut ginger chicken with rice dish.
A: Is that shrimp in the soup?
B: Yes, do you like it? I added a little extra lemon grass and some sea vegetables.
A: I am happy that the wine I brought for you works well with this meal.
B: Yes, thank you for bringing the wine. It really complements the meal.


A: This is a great meal!
B: Thank you. I am glad that everything turned out so well.
A: Who taught you how to cook this well?
B: I took a cooking class at the Culinary Institute.
A: Wow, what is in this chicken dish?
B: Isn't that great? That is coconut ginger chicken with rice.
A: Is the soup a shrimp soup?
B: Yes, there is shrimp in there along with sea vegetables and lemon grass.
A: I think I got lucky in choosing a wine that blends with this meal.
B: I appreciate you bringing the wine. It goes well with the chicken.


A: I really love this meal.
B: Thanks. I was hoping that you would all enjoy this meal.
A: Where did you learn to cook these amazing dishes?
B: I got a really wonderful cookbook for my birthday and decided to try out a few of the recipes.
A: The chicken is out of this world!
B: I love that dish as well. It is coconut chicken with rice.
A: I was wondering if there was shrimp in the soup.
B: Yes, that soup has a shrimp base. I also added sea vegetables and lemon grass.
A: It worked out well that the wine that I brought to share seems to blend well with this meal.
B: I love this wine! It goes very well with the chicken.


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