Talking Negatively about the Restaurant


A: So how did you like the restaurant?
B: Actually, it could have been better.
A: What didn't you like about it?
B: It is a new restaurant. I don't think they have their act together yet.
A: What did you think about the food?
B: I felt that the food was pretty mediocre.
A: The service wasn't that great, either.
B: I agree. The service was not good.
A: Do you think that you want to try this restaurant another time?
B: No, I think that I've had enough of this restaurant.


A: Did you enjoy the restaurant?
B: I didn't really like it all that much.
A: What do you think the problem was?
B: Well, they are pretty new. I just didn't feel that they were ready to open yet.
A: How did you feel about the food?
B: The food wasn't all that exciting.
A: I didn't think that the service was good, either.
B: Yes, the service certainly didn't add to the experience.
A: Would you like to return to this restaurant?
B: Maybe we could try it again in a few months when things have settled down.


A: How do you feel about that restaurant?
B: It wasn't all that great.
A: What did you dislike the most?
B: I don't think that they had their act together. They didn't seem well prepared.
A: Did you think that the food was any good?
B: I wasn't all that impressed by the food.
A: The service certainly could have been better.
B: The service did not help the situation.
A: Is this a restaurant that you want to come back to?
B: I am not really interested in trying this restaurant again.


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