Negotiating a Price

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A: I am really interested in buying this television.
B: That's great!
A: How much are you selling it for?
B: This t.v is $2500.
A: You can't be serious.
B: That's how much this t.v costs.
A: That's too expensive for me.
B: This television is of very high quality.
A: You can't go down on the price.
B: By how much?
A: I'll buy it for $2000.
B: I'm sorry, but the price is final.

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A: I would love to buy this TV.
B: Fantastic!
A: What's the price for it?
B: This television is on sale for $2500.
A: Seriously?
B: That's the price.
A: That's way too much money.
B: That is actually very enexpensive for this television.
A: Could you lower the price some?
B: How much are you talking?
A: $2000 is as high as I'll go.
B: I'm very sorry, but $2500 is the final price.

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A: I want to purchase this television.
B: I'm glad to hear that.
A: How much does it cost?
B: I'm selling it for $2500.
A: That can't be right.
B: That's the going price for that particular TV.
A: I can't afford that.
B: This is a very high quality television.
A: I would buy it if the price was lowered.
B: How much lower?
A: How about you sell it to me for $2000?
B: $2500 is a low as I'll go.


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