Asking about Where to Get Off


A: This bus goes all the way to Santa Anita mall, right?
B: Yes, it'll take us there.
A: Are you positive?
B: I always catch this bus.
A: How long is this bus ride?
B: It only takes half an hour.
A: Where do we get off at?
B: We can get off the bus right behind Macy's.
A: There's a stop right next to the mall?
B: Yeah, it's right in the parking lot.
A: That's cool.
B: Yes, I know.


A: Does this bus really go to the mall?
B: It goes all the way there.
A: Are you sure?
B: I know it does. I catch this bus a lot.
A: How long does it take for the bus to get there?
B: The bus ride is only thirty minutes or so.
A: Where do we get off the bus?
B: Right behind Macy's is a bus stop.
A: The stop is really at the mall?
B: It's in the middle of the parking lot.
A: That's perfect.
B: I know it is.


A: Are you sure that this bus will take us to Santa Anita mall?
B: Yes, it will.
A: You know that for a fact?
B: Yeah, I catch this bus all the time.
A: Is it a very long bus ride?
B: It's about thirty minutes long.
A: Do you know where we get off at?
B: There's a bus stop right behind Macy's.
A: Really, there's a bus stop right by the mall?
B: There's a bus stop in the mall parking lot.
A: That's convenient.
B: Absolutely.


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