Learning How to Drive (1)


A: You know how to drive, right?
B: I'm pretty good.
A: Do you think you can teach me?
B: Did you get your learner's permit yet?
A: I have it already.
B: Do you have any experience driving a car?
A: I've only done it once.
B: Do you know all the controls in the car?
A: Yes, I am aware of them.
B: When do you want to start learning how to drive?
A: Whenever you have time.
B: We can do it tomorrow; just call me.


A: Do you know how to drive?
B: I'm a great driver.
A: Could you teach me how to drive?
B: Have you gotten your learner's permit?
A: Yes, I have my learner's permit.
B: Have you ever been behind the wheel?
A: I've only driven a car one time.
B: You do know all the controls in the car, don't you?
A: I know them.
B: Tell me when you want me to teach you.
A: We can do it when you have some time.
B: I'm not busy tomorrow. Call me then.


A: Are you a good driver?
B: Yes, I'm rather good at driving.
A: I need you to teach me how to drive.
B: Yes, but do you have your learner's permit?
A: Yes, I have it.
B: Have you ever driven a car before?
A: I drove a car before, but only once.
B: Are you aware of all the controls in the car?
A: I already know all of them.
B: When would you like me to start teaching you?
A: When do you have time?
B: Call me tomorrow, and we'll get started.


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