Failing the Road Test


A: So how did I do on my driving test?
B: Do you want the truth?
A: Of course, I do.
B: Well, you really didn't do all that well.
A: How bad did I do?
B: To be completely honest, you failed your test.
A: How?
B: There were a number of reasons.
A: What were they?
B: Basically, you just can't drive.
A: Can I have another try?
B: You can take it in a couple weeks.


A: How did I do?
B: Do you really want to know?
A: Yes, I do.
B: You did pretty bad.
A: Exactly how bad?
B: You didn't pass the test.
A: I don't understand how I could've failed it.
B: There are a few reasons why you failed.
A: What are the reasons?
B: The main reason is the fact that you're a horrible driver.
A: Can I take the test again?
B: You'll be able to take the test again in a couple weeks.


A: Did I do well on my test?
B: Do you want to know the honest answer?
A: Why wouldn't I want to know?
B: You had pretty bad scores.
A: Exactly what do you mean by bad?
B: You failed.
A: How'd I fail it?
B: There are a couple of reasons why you didn't pass.
A: What did I do wrong?
B: To sum it all up, you really just don't know how to drive.
A: Will I be able to take a retest?
B: Sure you can, in about two and a half weeks.


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