Paying Off Parking Tickets


A: Have you ever gotten a parking ticket?
B: I've gotten a few.
A: How many is a few?
B: I've gotten about six.
A: Have you paid all your tickets off?
B: Yes, I've paid all of them off.
A: How much is the fine?
B: It's like $130 each ticket.
A: That's not cheap at all.
B: I got a parking ticket the other day.
A: Pay it off, and they'll clear your record.
B: I'm going to do that as soon as possible.


A: Did you ever get a parking ticket?
B: Only a few.
A: What's a few?
B: I've gotten six, I think.
A: Did you pay your fines?
B: Of course I have.
A: How much are the parking tickets?
B: I think they're $130.
A: That's expensive.
B: I just got a parking ticket.
A: You should probably pay the fine soon.
B: I'm going to pay it today.


A: How many parking tickets have you gotten before?
B: I've gotten a few parking tickets before.
A: How many?
B: Only about five or six.
A: Have you paid off your parking tickets?
B: Yes, I paid my fines.
A: How much do you have to pay for the ticket?
B: If I remember correctly, it's about $130.
A: That's a lot of money.
B: I got one the other day.
A: You better make sure you pay it off.
B: I may just go to the DMV today, so I can pay the fine.


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