Fighting a Ticket in Court (1)


A: You're here today to argue your ticket?
B: I am.
A: Plead your case.
B: The police officer that pulled me over said I was speeding.
A: Were you speeding when you got pulled over?
B: I was not speeding.
A: How fast were you going?
B: In a 40 mph zone, I was only going about 35.
A: Seeing as the officer that pulled you over isn't here, I'll let you go.
B: Do I still need to pay the fine?
A: No, you don't.
B: I appreciate your understanding.


A: You want to argue your ticket today?
B: Yes. That is why I'm here.
A: Tell me your argument.
B: I was pulled over for allegedly speeding.
A: Are you sure you weren't speeding?
B: To be honest, I really wasn't.
A: What speed were you going?
B: I was under the speed limit. I was going 35, when the speed limit was 40.
A: I'm just going to let you go, since the arresting officer isn't here.
B: What about my ticket? Do I still need to pay?
A: Don't worry about it.
B: I'm so glad for your help.


A: Are you here about your ticket?
B: Yes, I am, Your Honor.
A: What is your argument?
B: Your Honor, the police officer pulled me over for speeding.
A: You must've been speeding.
B: No, Your Honor, I was not.
A: Tell me how many miles per hour you were going.
B: I was going 35 in a 40 mph zone.
A: That's fine, so I'll let you go with a warning.
B: So, I don't have to pay the ticket?
A: You won't have to pay the fine.
B: Thank you very much, Your Honor.


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