Calling a Traffic School to Make an Appointment


A: Pasadena Traffic School. How can I help you?
B: I would like to sign up for some classes.
A: What classes did you want to sign up for?
B: I need to take a driver's course.
A: You'll have to make an appointment.
B: What do I need to make an appointment for?
A: You need an appointment so you can sign the papers.
B: All right, can I make an appointment right now?
A: When are you available?
B: Can I make it for tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.?
A: I can schedule you for that day and time.
B: Thanks a lot. I'll be there tomorrow.


A: What can I do for you today?
B: Can I sign up for some classes today?
A: Which classes?
B: I would like to take a driver's course.
A: Would you like to make an appointment?
B: Why do I need an appointment?
A: You need to sign the paperwork.
B: Can I do that right now?
A: When can you come in?
B: How about 9 o'clock tomorrow morning?
A: I'll schedule you for then.
B: Thanks for all your help.


A: What do you need today?
B: I need to take a few classes.
A: What kind of classes would you like to take?
B: How about a driver's course?
A: You're going to need to make an appointment.
B: I don't understand why I need to make an appointment.
A: You need to make one to come down and fill out your paperwork.
B: I'd like to make one now if I could.
A: Sure you can; when would you like to come in?
B: I'd like to come in tomorrow morning at 9:00.
A: That'll be fine.
B: That's great. Thank you very much.


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