A Car Accident


A: Was there an accident on the freeway today?
B: You haven't heard about it?
A: No, do you know what happened?
B: This truck flipped over on the 210.
A: Are you serious?
B: I'm telling you the truth.
A: Did anyone get hurt?
B: Two people were injured.
A: Are they going to be okay?
B: I think so.
A: That's a miracle that no one was killed.
B: Yes, they were lucky.


A: What happened today on the freeway?
B: You don't know what happened?
A: What did happen?
B: There was a truck on the freeway, and it flipped over.
A: Really?
B: I wouldn't lie about something like that.
A: Were there any injuries?
B: I heard that a couple people got hurt.
A: Are they all right?
B: The news said they should be fine.
A: I'm glad to know that everyone made it out okay.
B: Me too.


A: I heard there was an accident today.
B: Nobody told you what happened?
A: Tell me the news.
B: A truck turned over on the freeway.
A: Are you kidding me?
B: I am completely serious.
A: Did anyone get hurt?
B: I believe that two people did get hurt.
A: Were the injuries minor?
B: I believe so.
A: That's great to hear.
B: Yes, it is.


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