Setting up an Appointment to View Houses


A: I would like to make an appointment to look at houses.
B: Sure, would you prefer looking in the morning or afternoon?
A: I would prefer mornings.
B: Can you go during the week, or can you only go during the weekend?
A: Going to look at houses during the week is best for me.
B: Where would you like me to pick you up?
A: I will meet you at the real estate office.
B: I am thinking of looking at three houses, and it will take about two hours.
A: That sounds good to me.
B: Once I contact the owners and confirm the times, I will e-mail you a schedule.


A: I would like to pick a time to look at houses with you.
B: Would mornings or afternoons be best for you?
A: It is easier for me to take off work in the afternoon.
B: It is best if we can go during the week; does that work for you?
A: Because of work, I can only go look at houses on the weekend.
B: Would you like to meet at the real estate office, or should I pick you up at home?
A: If you could pick me up at home, that would be great.
B: We could spend most of the day looking at houses to see all that we have to see.
A: That might be a little too much, but we'll see how it goes.
B: I will fax you a schedule as soon as I contact the owners to confirm the times.


A: Can we choose a time to look at houses together?
B: Can you do that in the mornings, or would the afternoons be best?
A: Either way is good for me.
B: There are a number of open houses this weekend in your area. Would that okay with you?
A: I can take a little time off work, or I can go on a weekend, also.
B: We could meet at the real estate office, or I could pick you up at your home.
A: I am leaving from work, so maybe I could just meet you at the first house that we will look at.
B: I can think of five houses that we should look at. It will take most of the day.
A: I would like to see as many as possible.
B: When I have confirmed the times with the owners, I will e-mail you our plans for the day.


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