Viewing Houses with a Realtor


A: I really like the way this house looks.
B: Yes, it has great curb appeal.
A: The landscaping is wonderful!
B: Yes, it is nice, but wait until you see the interior.
A: I see what you mean!
B: The carpeting and paint are all new, as well as the window treatments.
A: I love the sage green carpeting with the sunset-colored walls.
B: Come and see the kitchen.
A: Look at that beautiful countertop material and the double sink!
B: Let's go check out the bedroom and bathroom.
A: I really like the Jacuzzi bathtub in the bathroom.
B: I am happy that you like the house. We should write down what we like so that we can remember it.


A: I have a good feeling about this house.
B: Yes, I liked it the first moment I pulled up to it.
A: I love the paint job!
B: If you like the outside, you are going to really love the inside.
A: What a beautiful home!
B: You'll notice that the window treatments, carpeting, and drapes are all new.
A: I like the way the blinds give you privacy from the street.
B: Follow me into the kitchen. You will love it.
A: I love that they put a wine storage area in the kitchen.
B: The best part is the bedroom and attached bathroom.
A: I love the relaxing colors in the tile and floor covering!
B: Let's take a few pictures so that we can remember what we like about this house.


A: This looks like a very nice house.
B: You know, I fell in love with this house the first moment I laid eyes on it.
A: The style of the exterior is just what I've been looking for!
B: The exterior is only half of the story. The interior is incredible.
A: This home is gorgeous on the inside!
B: Everything that you see on the walls, floors, and windows is brand new.
A: The wall colors totally suit the style of this house.
B: Straight ahead is the gourmet kitchen.
A: I love the bamboo flooring and granite countertops.
B: The master suite is the best. Let's go look at that next.
A: There is plenty of room for our king-sized bed, and I love the light in this room.
B: I know that you like this house, but let's take a look at the others before you make up your mind.


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