Not Liking the Houses


A: I am not sure I even want to look at this house!
B: It is a bit of a fixer-upper. Let's take a look inside.
A: It doesn't look much better inside this place.
B: You know, with a little elbow grease and paint, you could spruce it up a bit.
A: There are hardly any windows in here, and that makes it really gloomy.
B: Let's go check out the kitchen. The printout says that it is quite large.
A: Look at those broken tile countertops and the peeling wallpaper.
B: Maybe the master suite has some redeeming qualities. Follow me, please.
A: What's that smell?
B: Perhaps we should move on to the next listing.


A: This house is not looking all that great from here
B: You can't really tell everything about a house from the outside. Let's go inside.
A: I don't think that it is looking any better inside here.
B: I think that fresh paint and cleaning would help it look a little better.
A: It is just too dark in here with so few windows.
B: I hear that the kitchen is quite large. Let's go check it out.
A: The kitchen may be large, but it doesn't have any storage space.
B: The master suite is supposed to be quite elegant. Maybe it will be a little better.
A: How many dogs live in this house?
B: I think that we have seen all that we need to see here. Let's go look at another house.


A: From the looks of this house from the outside, I don't really think that I want to go inside.
B: From here, it does look like it could use a little work. Let's see what the interior looks like.
A: I am not impressed by the interior of this house.
B: Sometimes all a place needs is a little bit of cleaning and some fresh paint.
A: With so few windows, how can you even see what the problems are?
B: I think that we should check out the kitchen. It is listed as roomy and spacious.
A: Where are you supposed to store things without any cabinet space?
B: The picture in the listing shows a lovely master suite. I think that we should go look at it since we are here.
A: Is there a dead animal somewhere in here?
B: Well, I think that it is pretty safe to say that this is not the house for you.


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