Discussing Home Inspection with an Inspector


A: I heard that you finished my home inspection, and I was wondering how it went.
B: First of all, we need to understand what I was looking for. Do you know what the purpose of an inspection is?
A: I am not sure what a home inspection is all about.
B: I went there to check for problems with the home, so you aren't surprised when you move in.
A: Wouldn't the owners have told me about any problems?
B: Sellers aren't always truthful, and there might also be problems that they aren't aware of.
A: Can I require the owners to fix the problems?
B: You can make the sale of the house contingent on them fixing the problems.
A: What did you find out when you did the inspection of my new home?
B: There were no major problems. One leaky pipe under the sink and two broken roof tiles was all that I found.


A: Can you tell me the results of my home inspection?
B: Before I answer that, I want to make sure that you know what I was looking for. Are you clear on what I was looking for?
A: I never had a home inspection before.
B: I inspect the home for problems that might not be all that apparent in a quick walk-through.
A: I asked the owners, and they said that everything was great with the house.
B: The owners might not be aware of everything wrong with the house. Some things are hidden, but might still be a problem for you in the future.
A: I heard that the owners must fix all of the problems before the escrow closes.
B: I inform you of the problems. If there are major problems, you can decline to buy the house or they may wish to fix any problems.
A: What kinds of things did you discover in my home inspection?
B: I found some fairly major problems. A major support beam in the roof is broken, and the shower floor leaked and rotted out the second-floor joist.


A: I came in to see how my home inspection went.
B: First of all, I need to share what the purpose of a home inspection is. Do you understand what I was doing there?
A: I had a home inspection before, but didn't really understand it.
B: I help you spot potential problems with the home before you purchase it.
A: The owner said that the roof had leaked, but that he got it fixed last month.
B: Sellers aren't really all that objective. They may have gotten used to a leaky faucet, but it is still broken.
A: Are the sellers responsible for fixing the problems with the house?
B: The owners may wish to pay to have the problems fixed, or maybe the price of the house can be reduced.
A: Did you find a lot of things wrong during the home inspection?
B: The house has a very outdated electrical system. Many of the switches and outlets do not work and are unsafe.


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