Signing Escrow Papers


A: I am here to sign my escrow papers.
B: I will tell you ahead of time, that there is a lot to sign here, but I will help you every step of the way.
A: Should I have brought anything with me?
B: Basically, what I need from you now is your driver's license or some ID that shows your residency status.
A: Where do I start?
B: We will be going through these papers one by one. I will be explaining them all to you, and you can ask questions as we go.
A: Can I make a phone call to a friend if I have a question?
B: We do not want you to sign any documents that you do not understand. You may get assistance with any questions that you have.
A: Will the house be mine when we finish these documents?
B: This is the last thing you need to do, but it may take a while for the papers to be processed.


A: Your assistant said that it was time to come in and sign my escrow papers.
B: Don't be intimidated. There is a lot to sign, but I will explain everything to you very clearly.
A: Do you need anything from me?
B: All the papers have been drawn up, but I will need to see your picture ID so we can notarize these papers.
A: There are a lot of papers!
B: We are going to go through these bit by bit. You will have plenty of time to read the fine print.
A: My dad is going to be here in a minute to help me go through this with you.
B: We want you to get any outside help that you need. Do not ever sign documents that you don't understand.
A: Can I start moving in after I finish signing these documents?
B: When these papers get processed, the house will be yours!


A: I am very nervous about signing my escrow papers.
B: Escrow involves a lot of paperwork, but I will explain all of the steps to you as we go along.
A: What should I have brought with me?
B: The only thing I will need to see is your driver's license, as I will be notarizing these papers.
A: I feel a little overwhelmed by so many papers.
B: Don't worry about how many papers there are. We are going to look at them one at a time.
A: My boyfriend is an attorney and told me that I could fax him anything if I had a question.
B: Please get any outside help that you need in understanding your escrow documents.
A: Is this the last thing that I will need to do before the house becomes mine?
B: At the close of escrow, the house will be yours!


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