Discussing a News Report on a Crime


A: Have you seen the news today?
B: Not yet. What happened?
A: Did you know there was a blackout last night?
B: Yes, I heard the lights were out all night.
A: Some people decided to loot last night.
B: I don't understand.
A: They took advantage of the blackout.
B: They really started looting?
A: Yes, apparently four stores were broken into.
B: Did the looters get caught?
A: There was no evidence of who did it.
B: Hopefully we won't have any more blackouts.


A: Did you see the news today?
B: I haven't had a chance to see it.
A: You know about the blackout last night, right?
B: The lights were out everywhere.
A: A bunch of people went looting last night.
B: They what?
A: They took full advantage of the lights being out.
B: That's crazy.
A: The news reported that four stores were broken into.
B: Were the looters found?
A: The police don't know who did it.
B: I hope this doesn't happen again.


A: Have you watched today's news?
B: No, I haven't. What's going on?
A: Did you hear about last night's blackout?
B: Yes. The lights were out all night.
A: Some people went looting because of the blackout.
B: What do you mean?
A: People decided to use the blackout to their advantage.
B: People went out and looted?
A: I guess they broke into about four stores.
B: Did the police find who did it?
A: There's no evidence of who it was.
B: I hope we don't have any more blackouts.


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